Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Blog or email? part 2

I think the blog is useful for providing information to the public as well. But would the public just want important info via the library homepage? In a disaster situation, would it be best to have current info in the most easily accessible spot? I do think the blog would be great for ongoing, quick updates of progress, and the whole recovery process. Because you can access past blogs, the public could get a complete picture of what has been going on. I do think that one great benefit is how easy it is for staff to access and add comments to.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Blog or email?

OK, so which is preferable? A blog or communication via email?

I think email is the way to go for internal communcation, using the library staff group to get everyone. The blog is useful for public communication-- something the PR coordinator could use. It would be linked to the disaster response site.

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Sample post

While the library is closed, we have received the OK from student life to move the reference collection to the Pacific Rim Collegium. Ron and Ted and 3 of our volunteers will start this on Thursday. The goal is to have all the undamaged ref material accessible by Monday morning.
Security will change the locks today so only library staff have access to the building.
Contacts Ken Kush at Student life and Andy Doerksen at Security.

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