Monday, December 12, 2005

Blog or email?

OK, so which is preferable? A blog or communication via email?

I think email is the way to go for internal communcation, using the library staff group to get everyone. The blog is useful for public communication-- something the PR coordinator could use. It would be linked to the disaster response site.

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Shawn said...

Looking at what happened after Katrina, I have become aware that some libraries lost email servers and had to gather staff member's alternate email addressess -- aol,sprint, hotmail and the like. This may be something to add to our contacts list.

maria said...

I think this is a good idea. sigh... another revision to those phone lists...

s stopforth said...

Sigh indeed ... but a very good idea.

Seems to me that a blog is halfway between a web page and email.

Where is this actually hosted?
I'm thinking one benefit would be that if the TWU server is down, but people still have internet access at home, they can still make use of the blog.

One drawback would be that there would be a slight (very slight, but we're talking emergency situations here) learning curve with a blog. If we go this route, we'd need to spend a little time beforehand getting everyone signed on, and understanding how the thing works.

Can people create an account and have it sit unused for long periods of time?

Shawn said...

Blogger is part of Google ( I think) so it's hosted "out there" I think there are lots of dormant or defunct blogs. ALERTnews could be like that-- we could post occasionally just to keep it from getting rusty ;-)

The alternative may be the bulletin board that Bob created for library staff, which, I think does the same thing as what we are doing now -- internal communication