Thursday, February 23, 2006

You are ALERT!

During reading break, I'll be contacting all library staff to review the ALERTnews blog and Bloglet subscription tool. If you are reading this in your email you have covered at least one of the things I wanted to check! Here is the complete list:

Find ALERTnews online at
Subscribe to ALERT news via bloglet (home and twu account)
Know how to
use comments (Please add a comment to this post.)
Would it be helpful for
you in your ERT position to be able to post articles? (I can set you up as a
Review the links; in the event of a disaster they would carry pertinent local information.

I look forward to touching base with you briefly in the next few days.


Stan said...

Am I really online with this thing? I find it very confusing.


Shawn said...

I've made some changes so that anyone can add a comment anonyomously as long as they use the word verification below the "leave your comment" box

Anonymous said...

I have seen the blog,

Anonymous said...

Shawn has given me some expert advice on using the alert.

Anonymous said...

Emergency response has come a long way in two years. bev.