Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Are you in the loop?

The Emergency Preparedness Committee wants to make sure you are in the loop before an emergency occurs.

Committee members are updating contact lists and will be revising the contents of your "black folder" at the Library staff day on August 28.

University of Hawaii at Manoa Nov 2004

If you are receiving this email via Feedblitz that's another sign that you are prepared. Remember that you should receive ALERTnew posts at whatever email accounts you regularly use. That way, if the TWU servers were down following an emergency you could receive ALERTnews posts at your Telus, Hotmail or other accounts.

You can subscribe to ALERTnews at the blog site or email Shawn and let him know the address you want included in the Feedblitz distribution.

Be sure to bookmark the ALERTnews blog site so you can find it when you need it. The blog includes links to important disaster information sites. (If you somehow forget to bookmark it, a Google search for ALERTnews should be useful.)

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